Baseball Photo Tip #6: Move around and anticipate the big plays. Think about the game as a whole. It’s not all about batting and pitching. Be sure to take some shots from deep down the first and third baselines to get fielding and sliding pictures. When there’s a runner on second base, be ready to capture the steal or play at third base. Station yourself close to first base and you’ll often get photographic evidence if the runner is really safe. When pop flies or big hits take off, I can usually anticipate where it’s going and focus on the player involved in the catch and throw. And, of course, behind the plate is great for catchers and slides home when a runner is on third.

Note: It is possible to shoot through the chain-link fence by gently resting your lens against the fence and focusing on your subject. The fence will almost disappear. An f-stop of 2.8 really blurs the fence out. If the fence is truly a problem and you need some pitching and catcher shots, then get out on the field for warm up pitches. No one has to know there wasn’t a batter at the plate.

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