Baseball Photo Tip #7: Watch the sun. Sometimes it’s just not even worth shooting at noon on a sunny day. The ball caps create shadows across the eyes that no adjustments can fix, and the color can be hard to correct. Grasses look gold and whites are blinding. In desperate times, you can go artsy and monochromatic to disguise the color issues. You can also drop your ISO to 100 and shoot into the sun with a shade on. The shade minimizes sun spots. Shooting toward the sun puts the player’s whole face in shadow and avoids the cap shadow line.

Ideal sun conditions are in the early morning or early evening. The light is fantastic, warms the skin tones and creates few shadow issues. The filtered light on cloudy days is excellent as well.

Note: The above photo was taken with a blinding sun in the background. It creates a little bit of a halo, but the shadows are minimized. The photo below was taken with a setting sun.

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