Baseball Photo Tip #8: Be creative, always be ready with the camera and try to capture the whole experience. Photos of kids on the bench cheering or just peering at the game, high fives, pitcher and catcher conferences on the mound, seed spitting or grass picking (if it’s T-ball) are all part of the game. And, don’t forget the great moments from the coach. There are usually numerous pats on the back, inspirational speeches and dug out antics to be remembered in photos.

Keep in mind that some kids don’t get a lot of touches on the ball, so you can’t count on getting them in action with the ball. Luckily, even a kid in the “ready” stance is fun to shoot. A catcher getting on his gear, batters putting on helmets and gloves, and the adorable bat boy hustling out to his job add to the team’s story.

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