Baseball Photo Tip #9: Get the right equipment. Digital SLR cameras are fabulous. I love my Canon. But what sets the camera apart is the ability to swap out the lenses. For outdoor sports, you want as much telephoto power as you can afford without losing f-stop capabilities. Zooming in close helps capture those amazing expressions on the field. And that’s what it’s all about. You want your pictures to show the emotions of the players and make the game more personal. A 70-200mm with an f-stop of 2.8 is a great combination for closeness and clarity. I’ve also gotten great shots with a cheaper 70-300mm lens with an f-stop of 5.6. However, I very much prefer the 2.8 and do see a significant difference in the sharpness and background blurring. And, though I’ve lost some “zoom,” I am able to crop photos to get “closer” with great results.

Another equipment must? Please, get a monopod. A telephoto lens looming off a camera for two hours gets heavy. A monopod has great flexibility for action, stabilizes your camera for less blur, and helps keep your back and arms pain free.

One more requirement? A backup memory card and battery. Tournaments usually have you away from outlets and computers for an entire day. An extra memory card and battery save you from missing great shots, like the trophy presentation at the end.

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