When life gives me cause to celebrate, I eat and take pictures. I am thrilled to be uniting my love of good food and photography in a new blog, Eating with Angie.

The basic principals of portrait photography hold very true even when it comes to pictures of what we eat. Good lighting, sharp focus and clearing out distracting clutter and backgrounds are key. And, all of that can be quite challenging in a dimly-lit restaurant or kitchen.

I can’t wait for Spring and longer days so that my dinner creations can get some natural light on them.

I’m using all of my resources and getting great advice online. You would be amazed and how many people write about staging food.

Some do go a bit over the top though. My photos will be accurate representations of what the food actually looks like. I mean, how disappointing would it be to follow a recipe exactly and not achieve the artificial beauty of the dish in the photo? Besides, these look pretty tasty without cheating.

Owner of Angie Windheim Photography and Angie Windheim Communications LLC in Oregon.

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