Edy Ridge Elementary Art Project

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Walking in to “Supply Night” at Edy Ridge Elementary held an extra thrill for me this year. Not only, would Sam and I meet his new 4th grade teacher, but I was also going to see my much-anticipated art project on display.

At the end of the last school year, I played the “roving photographer.” Our principal wanted to fill the halls with large, candid photos of the kids and teachers that are the spirit of Edy Ridge Elementary.

I had so much fun. I snapped photos from the corner of classrooms, assemblies, the lunchroom, the crosswalk, the library, the playground, etc. And I learned a lot from working with Pam Ward at The Design Ward in getting the photos ready to print and follow our school themes of “Safe, Repectful, Responsible.”

While there are some really great shots to still find a place for, these photos in the slideshow are some of those on display so far. The response has been fantastic…just what we had hoped for.

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