Everyday Life – Boys at Play

Loving this New Year resolution so far. Trying to capture the little things, the memories I want to keep, is challenging and so inspiring!

My “Everyday” project this week is Sam and his nearly daily outdoor adventures with our neighbor, Aidan.

Frequently, I refuse to watch their escapades. They usually involve building contraptions that are, well, let’s just say “not good ideas.” They aren’t horribly unsafe, but would definitely add to my gray hairs.

But, this time I decided to bravely wander over to check things out. Luckily it was pretty tame for them. Aidan and Sam showed off Aidan’s new zip line (safely installed by his dad, thank goodness).

Their project of the day was finding creative uses for an old barn door. In this photo, they were setting it up on a pile of gravel as a makeshift teeter totter…that they stood on. Nope, no sitting for these guys. It was all fun and games until Aidan jumped off and Sam went flying. Yep, two gray hairs at least for that one. Just a few scratches for Sam.

What I love most about these pictures are the genuine smiles of kids at play and that Sam is dressed exactly as he is most days with Aidan. Boots (so Mom doesn’t yell at him for muddying up the school shoes), a hoody and athletic shorts. The kid will not wear pants. He’ll put on a stocking cap and gloves, but keep the shorts. I’m guessing it was about 40 degrees outside that day. Brrrr.

I’m on a bit of a black and white kick with these lifestyle photos. It connects the photos together for me. Could make for a fun album at the end of the year.

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