Everyday Life Photos for the New Year

In my mental life bucket overflowing with New Year’s resolution ideas, I have one that I’m excited about.  I want to freeze my boys in time with photos.

While I admittedly take a lot more pictures than most, I still fall into the trap of being an “event” photographer for my family. I capture the annual portraits, sporting events, vacations, birthdays, etc.

But what about the little things that I love and want to remember always about my kiddos?

So, one of my big resolutions for 2012 is to truly observe and soak in my boys.  I want to photograph the little, everyday things that will help me always remember who they were in 2012.

My first “Everyday Life” project is my Sam.  Nearly every morning I will find Sam in this same spot on the couch, reading with Otto at his feet.

These photos will always put a smile on my face and remember Sam’s huge Tintin comics obsession, his crazy bed hair that he twirls while he reads, and how he always stops to fill me in on something exciting he’s learned in his books.

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