Well, actually, it’s not very cold here in Sherwood, Oregon.

The lack of snow, ice or even frost required that I up the creativity level for my latest Moms with Cameras Project52 assignment. Our inspiration for week 4 was “cold.”

I have to proudly say that I love these two photos. I used my 70-200mm lens on the “macro” setting. Such a sweet lens. I’ve achieved some stunning stills with it and, of course, it’s amazing for sports.

I showed these images to my oldest son, Ben. He complimented me on the popsicle photo and then, with concern in his voice, asked what I did with the frozen blueberries. I told him not to worry, they were tucked safely back in the freezer.  

Ben’s a bit obsessed with frozen blueberries. Every year we harvest a huge quantity of blueberries from our plants and the u-pick down the road…basically just for Ben…or so he thinks. I won’t even tell him how many I ate during the photo shoot!

Frozen blueberries.



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