Sam at home with his giant slingshot











Living in the country is a gift.

For me, living in the country means space to garden, to raise crazy things like goats and chickens and to find peace in quiet spaces and skies that actually get dark at night.

For my boys, especially my youngest, the country is space to have adventure, to create contraptions, to build forts and to play, play, play.

It’s not a surprise that I decided Sam and his latest homemade contraption, a GIANT slingshot, was my target for the Moms with Cameras Project52 “home” theme last week. Giving Sam the space and the tools to be creative and just get outside more is a big reason why we call this lovely place our home.

And, I’m excited to share that the Moms with Cameras leader included one of my pictures in her favorites for the week. It’s so nice to get a little “good job” from another photographer 🙂

I love the "wasn't that cool" look on his face right after he shot a pinecone. He's pretty proud.

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