It’s the Windheims – Local Portraits Section Features My Family

The Macks and Nightcrawler EP featured in Sherwood GazetteIt’s pretty humbling to be approached for an article like this. We truly enjoyed our interview and conversation with Ray Pitz (he’s very music savvy and a totally nice guy) and are thrilled with this article that ran in a special section of the Tigard/Tualatin and Beaverton Valley Times. We were still basking in the glow of the fantastic article covering The Macks debut EP in the Sherwood Gazette when this one hit. Reactions of our friends and neighbors have been priceless. We’re certainly getting our 15 minutes of fame from the two articles. True story: I asked for a friend to save her copy of the section for me and she said, “No, I’ll get you another copy. You’re going to need to sign mine.” Love her.  
Windheim Family featured in local Tualtin, Tigard and Beaverton papers

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