Senior Favorite – Ali Defines #LikeAGirl

This girl doesn’t just have one of my favorite images for the Class of 2015, she is one my favorites of the Class of 2015. I have observed Ali for years now volunteering her time selflessly. She is patient and kind – even to little, semi-annoying baseball boys – even to her little brother!. And, Ali is smart…in school and in life. I love chatting on the sidelines and in the bleachers with Ali.
Ali’s mom chose this basketball image for her Senior Favorite because it highlights Ali’s “combination of beauty and strength.” I had so much fun orchestrating this shot. I was moving all around her and trying different angles and she just kept casually palming the ball. Ali is the first person to come to my mind when I watch the #LikaAGirl video. She is absolutely who we want inspiring those little girls.
Ali will be attending Western Oregon University in the fall on a basketball scholarship. She gets to keep living her hoop dreams…and study accounting 😉

Ali palming basketball over water as Senior Favorite Image by Angie Windheim Photography

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