Senior Favorite – Bridgett and Her Big, Beautiful Smile

I’m a lucky parent. My son has surrounded himself with wonderful friends that I adore. Bridgett is one of those friends. I love her sense of humor and how she embraces and lifts up her friends. She is also a gifted artist and a fellow lover of fleurs (flowers). I feel very fortunate to have been a small part of her senior year and also for getting to take her senior portraits.

This shot of Bridgett is definitely a favorite of mine. I was super excited when her parents, Rick and Shelley, chose it as their Senior Favorite. Shelley says, “I feel like it captures, not only how naturally pretty she is (IMHO), but also her personality. I can hear her deep belly laugh, and I’m reminded of how good she is at not taking herself too seriously when I look at this picture. I am also reminded of how she got her smile from my dad who passed away when she wasn’t quite three.” 🙂

Senior portrait of Bridgett by Angie Windheim Photography

I am pretty excited that Bridgett has chosen to study art therapy at Oregon State University in the fall. That’s where my son will be, too, and I feel great that he has such great company right away. And, maybe Bridgett will share her extra meal points with him…just kidding!

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