Senior Favorite – My Ben

Graduation is fast approaching. It is an honor to be chosen to capture high school seniors during this amazing year. And, because I’m nostalgic and also because I want to celebrate, I have asked each of my clients to choose a stand out image and catch me up on post-graduation plans.

I’m going first!

My crazy talented and wonderful oldest son, Ben, is graduating this year, too. Oh my heart! So hard to choose a favorite photo. But, I have definitely fallen in love with this image. It is a simple portrait that captures the sparkle in his eyes and those deep dimples that I adore. Oh, and I LOVE the sweater and his hair that is the longest it has EVER been in this photo.

Ben is going to add some wow factor to Oregon State University in the fall…both in the engineering school with his brain and around town with his music.

So who will be the next Senior featured? Stay tuned…


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