Naked Fence? Boring Patio? Add Art to Your Outdoor Living Space

Covid-19 has me nesting like nobody’s business.

At first I was okay with the hide inside on my cozy couch with a book approach. I started with Untamed.

Um. Read. This. Book. Please.

And then listen to every morning meeting Glennon has on Instagram. I’ve been a fan of this author from the beginning. She’s a thought leader. We don’t get many of those in our lifetime.

I also devoured the sweet chick lit escape Unhoneymooners. Not even on the same playing field as Untamed. But, hey, sometimes we need a little romantic comedy.

During quarantine I have also held solo dance parties while getting creative in the kitchen. I’m a bit hooked on Phoebe Bridgers. Funeral guts me every time. Hurts so good. Billie Eilish is my other guilty pleasure. Thinking I may need to dye these quarantine roots a neon color in her honor.

When I can’t shake my booty anymore, I succumb to the jigsaw puzzles on the coffee table. My Ravensburger Venice puzzle was a doozy. Now we are working on a puzzle made from my own portrait of Venice through Shutterfly. It looks super intimidating. But there are four rainy days in the forecast and plenty of time to spend analyzing those little shapes.

Despite these occasional rain delays, there is no denying that spring has sprung, I am excited to turn my critical eye away from the painted walls inside my home. I really absolutely did not want to paint that master bathroom. Now I can fully push that project aside and begin to refresh and cultivate beautiful spaces outdoors.

I began with “yard painting” (aka spreading bark dust).

While more back-breaking yard chores await, I have also started to look at our outdoor living spaces with an interior decorator eye. I noticed that my family often battles for seats with a view of the yard. I’ll admit that staring at the siding on the house or fence boards does lack a bit of zen. Everyone sitting in my outdoor living room deserves a good view. But theatre seating isn’t very conversational.

Metal prints to the rescue…

Printing on metal means we can put gorgeous blooms or a serene scene on our naked fences and patio walls. Every seat in our outdoor living spaces can have a 360 degree view.

Metal prints are stunning and sturdy. They can handle the elements. Even full sun.

I would love to help pretty up your personal or professional outdoor spaces. Choose an image from my art collection or let’s discuss a custom creation. No clue what to do? Send me a picture of your blank space and I can make a recommendation. Never seen a metal print? Check out this video from Bay Photo.

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