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Mascot Mania

Finding ways to use my photography to support my kids’ schools is just so, so cool. And, donating photography is beyond awesome when it’s a project that stirs my creativity.

Recently I was approached with the fantastic idea for a mascot photo shoot at Edy Ridge Elementary. Picture this: over 100 fifth graders plus the OSU Beaver, the Oregon Duck and BLAZE from the Trailblazers. Oh, baby, sign me up!

First, we had FUN.

Then, I went to work. I took the photos from the shoot and created 4 class collage posters (20×30 printed and framed). They will all be auctioned off at the Edy Ridge Carnival on March 8th.

The kids are SUPER excited about the posters. So the pressure is ON, parents. Come ready to battle. I’m hoping for a bidding war!







Give N’ Gobble 2012

How could you not LOVE a healthy, fun and charitable annual family tradition that takes place 5 minutes from home? The Sherwood Give N’ Gobble rocks!

The Sherwood Give N’ Gobble is an annual run-for-food event on Thanksgiving morning that brings bountiful blessings on the community food pantry and local families in need.

My family has been participating for years…and yes, you can still get your turkey in the oven in time if you participate. This year, while my guys ran the 5K, I ran around snapping pictures to capture the Give N’ Gobble story. I especially had fun cheering on the racers and shouting “Happy Thanksgiving…you’re almost there!” to the smiling faces heading into the final stretch to the finish line.

The Give N’ Gobble photos are now available for purchase. Not only do you get to have visual proof that you earned that slice of pumpkin pie, but you’ll be helping to raise even more money with 20% going back to the Give N’ Gobble on orders placed by December 17th.  And that’s not all…shipping is free on print orders of $15 or more through December 15th (use coupon code: Gobble15).

For just $10, you can have 5×7 high-quality print or a high-resolution digital image. Other print sizes are also available.

Photo galleries:

BEFORE AND AFTER THE RACE: includes candid images of the crowds before and after the race.

STARTING LINE: includes those lead runners as well as lots of runners and walkers crossing the starting line.

RUNNING COURSE: includes runners heading into the final stretch…the photos are chronological to help you find your photo. Lots of photos…I bet you’ll see some familiar faces.  Helpful hint: If you finished above 30 minutes start looking around picture #225.

Solo & Ensemble Night

Gotta say I get pretty excited about solo and ensemble night at LRMS.  Kids that are normally hidden in the back rows and behind music stands get a chance to shine at the front of the stage.

And, of course, it’s a massive photo op for me. Love it.

One flute player shined extra bright the other night. Amongst so many serious and nervous faces, she seemed to actually enjoy herself up there. Nice!

LRMS parents: please be sure to go through the many, many fun photos taken both for the big portrait session and for the various concerts. You can contact me or Mr. Stai if you’ve forgotten the password.


Shooting the Stage

I’m never more happy with my Canon f2.8 70-200mm lens than when I’m shooting an event on stage.

I’m now able to cope with the crazy lighting and long distance challenges. And, I actually love the drama of it all.

These shots are of my fabulous boys at their latest school events. I’m so happy to have captured these moments.

Myron LeRoy & Sneakin Out

Myron LeRoy: friend, guitar mentor, birthday boy and headliner at the Aladdin Theatre.

A great time was had by all that attended Myron’s “Nice Rack” CD release party August 12th. And, I especially loved having the opportunity to photograph such a fun night. I got some fun shots of Myron and The Faithful Few as well as the opening act, Sneakin Out.


Something about a stage and a group of musicians demands black and white photos. Last night’s LRMS Jazz Band concert was fantastic and I had fun capturing the memory and mood of it.

Baby Shower

I had the pleasure of attending and photographing a baby and her baby shower this weekend. It’s not every day that one gets to meet a brand new person. And this was one exceptionally beautiful baby surrounded by a beautiful group of women. The photos I took were for fun, and I enjoyed playing around with different angles and lenses. In a few weeks, I’ll be taking some more formal portraits of the baby and her family. Too much fun.

Jazzy Photos

My Thursday night assignment was to take some snazzy photos at a middle school jazz band concert. How cool to get kids in dress shirts and ties, playing jazz music on a stage.  The setting was perfect, but the lighting was TERRIBLE. Everybody looked either pink or completely glared out by a bright white light.

My game time solution was to go black and white.  I took candid shots of the band hanging out before the concert and got some great photos of the kids playing during the concert. I think the black and white effect actually made the pictures really dramatic and fit the jazzy mood. I’ll definitely plan on going monochrome in the future.  Cool, baby, cool.