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Right Now Photo Challenge

Getting great candid shots of kids makes my day. Their genuine expressions give a true glimpse into their little personalities.

Clickin Moms is hosting this week’s “Right Now” Photo Challenge and I’ve entered this dugout snap of my son, Sam. He’s getting coaching advice from his dad and taking it so seriously.

Fields in Banks

Baseball took my family to Sunset Park in Banks several weeks ago. While I took some fun pictures of the tournament action, my favorite photos came from the beautiful surroundings and the “fans” playing in the grassy pasture that borders the park. I get to go back to Banks for another tournament next weekend and plan to take lots more pictures and even the team pictures in that beautiful setting.

Lil Drummer Boy

Another great shot from the telephoto lens. Joe completely gets lost in himself while playing the drums. His expression in this photo really shows that. I didn’t go for stop-action in this photo. I liked seeing the slight movement/blur of the stick. This photo is pretty mellow. As he gets more confident in his rhythms I’ll have to capture his more animated, inner rockstar.

Mandolin Magic

My three boys are very musical. I’m working on a series that captures each of them playing their favorite instruments. I took this shot with my new telephoto lens and love the expression on his face and the clear detail. I have it printed as a 12×16 at home and can even see the hairs on the back of his neck. Lovely.

Beach Feet

Hands and feet. People photography isn’t always about getting that perfect smile. Sometimes hands and feet say a lot more. I love this picture of my son Sam’s feet at Bella Beach. My photographer eye appreciates the composition, the timelessness of black and white and the details of the bubbles and reflection. My mom’s eye loves those little legs and feet. I can feel that cold Oregon coast water and hear his happy squeals as he played tagged with the ocean.

Future Album Cover

I’m starting to fall in love with my fixed 50mm lens. I used to feel limited by it. Always casting it aside thinking I needed that ability to zoom in and out. But now I’m appreciating the unique photos I can get by moving myself around and completely filling the frame with my subject. It takes such a clear picture in any light with the f/1.8 being so forgiving. I find I’m using this lens more and more. That makes me even more excited to upgrade my telephoto lens to the f/2.8.

This photo was taken on the front porch of a cottage in Bella Beach. My boys were just relaxing and jamming with their mandolins and guitars. After I took it, I laughed and told Ben that this could be his first album cover.