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Fun with Photo Books

I love making photo books almost as much as taking the photos. They are such a fun way to archive the photos for yourself, and they make an incredible gift to share with family members near and far.

I also like that clients don’t have to pick one favorite photo…they can enjoy all of them.

I created the Stamback Family photo book from a recent session in Sherwood. We had such a good time, and I smiled the whole time as I designed it. I hope they do the same when they look through it at home.

Thanks, Cara, for letting me show off your book and your beautiful family ūüôā

More and more clients are opting to have me design a photo book of their session. I’m hoping to expand that design creativity and technical skill by offering photo books for folks that want archive-quality books of their own photos as well. I can scan and upload your snapshots and rescue them from your computer or boxes so they can be seen and enjoyed. Contact me if you have a project idea and would like a quote.

Click here to view this photo book larger

Click here to create your own Shutterfly photo book.

Weekly Photo Challenge

I love the business of photography. But sometimes it’s so nice to just play and practice my craft for fun.

Paint the Moon started a “Let’s Do 52” weekly challenge. Each week, Annie presents a new theme to interpret through photography.

Anyone can join and you can jump in any time. I started with week 9’s “play” theme and just completed week 10’s “feet” assignment.

Photo Clean Up

Action photography doesn’t always lend itself to perfect composition. I definitely still keep an eye out for simple backgrounds and angles for my photos, but sometimes things (or people) sneak into the shot.

Now, most of the time I consider myself a purest. I don’t edit photos beyond some simple clean up. However, in the interest in furthering my ¬†knowledge during my trial of Photoshop Elements 8.0 (PSE) I decided to get a little crazy. ¬†This is a recent photo of one my favorite basketball players (aka my son). ¬†I wanted to capture Joe shooting all by himself and remove the other kid in the background. It’s not a perfect result, but that’s mostly my inexperience. PSE allows you to cut and paste, to clone and fill parts of the background and buff out the rough spots. It’s great for making that almost perfect photo, well, perfect.

You can also use these tools to add a person to a photo that wasn’t in the original. While I can appreciate the coolness of this technology….I’m not a fan of creating a “photo” of something that never really occurred. ¬†Photos are a way of preserving our memories and history, so I hope that when people use these tools, they admit to having significantly doctored the photo.

Basic Photo Editing

While I love to capture a moment and get a great photo with my camera, I find that in almost every instance, a little photo editing is needed to make even great photos look their best. I’ve recently started playing around with Photoshop Elements 8.0 (PSE). I’m on a 30-day free trial for now, but I can see myself buying the software when it’s over. You really can do some fun and functional photo editing beyond what I get in iPhoto on the Mac.

I’m just scratching the service of PSE’s capabilities with this example of a basketball team photo. However, even here, I was able to straighten, crop, ¬†sharpen, clean up background imperfections and adjust the lighting on player #9’s face so he didn’t have that glare we see in the “before” photo. ¬†Quite a transformation. The “after” photo should be an excellent keepsake for the players and their families.