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Senior Favorite – Erin and the Light

There are two ways of spreading light… To be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it. – Edith Wharton

Erin is a kindred spirit. She is a light chaser. She is a beauty seeker. She is a photographer.

Erin is often the mirror reflecting someone else’s light with her camera. But with me, she got to be the candle.

It is always special to create images for someone who knows the craft. I have known Erin for quite a few years now and we could chat effortlessly and probably endlessly about locations and colors and lighting. I have so enjoyed watching Erin’s work progress over the years.

Erin’s mom chose this image as her Senior Favorite because, “The light is beautiful and so are those brown eyes!” Love that. It is so sweet when moms appreciate and nurture the confidence these young women need as they walk off into their futures.

Senior Favorite Erin Rowland - Westside Christian Class of 2015

While Erin is a talented photographer, she is also an excellent student and a skilled athlete. Erin will be attending George Fox University in the fall and is planning on studying Physical Therapy. She will triple jump for the track team and is hoping to also play volleyball.  I’ve photographed one of her volleyball games and she definitely has what it takes.

Senior Favorite – Sam Himself

Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back and reasons to stay.  ― Dalai Lama XIV

Senior Favorite of Sam by Angie Windheim Photography

As parents, we are somewhat prepared for the anguish of Senior year. We know they need to go. But please, I swear that 18 years was really 18 seconds. I mean seriously…what just happened?

The biggest surprise, and what I was NOT even remotely prepared for, was how attached I would be to my son’s friends. He picked really, really good friends. And, he let me get to know them. Especially Sam.

Ben and Sam have been the best of friends for many years. They chose each other. They truly take care of one another. It has been pretty cool to watch.

The reality of Sam not being at my house for lunch – like almost every day – is sooo unacceptable. Ouch. And no more pictures of Sam on the baseball mound? Say what?

I will miss how Sam’s eyes light up after recording for The Macks and when he’s telling me about some hijinks he’s orchestrating at school and when he’s filling me in on Prom-posal strategies.

Sam can be serious and complex and creative. He writes poems and some have become song lyrics for The Macks. Sam can also just be a one-liner man and pretty dang funny. I have laughed so hard at the many videos written and produced by Ben and Sam. All of this is perfect for his next adventures at the University of Oregon pursuing a marketing and advertising degree.

Sam chose this image taken in a local park as his Senior Favorite. I actually remember what he said right after we took it, “Yeah. That felt like a good one.” He was right.

Sam would most like to be “Myself” when he grows up and is inspired by these words from Tyler, The Creator, “I am the cowboy on my own trip and”

Senior Favorite – McKayla and the Red Dress

This girl is so ADORABLE. I have know her since she was about three years old. Her grandpa, Julius, was our our realtor, who became our friend, who then became our neighbor. He would bring his little red-haired McKayla with him everywhere…it was so sweet. I loved how McKayla jumped right in to play with the crazy number of boys on our street…she was seriously outnumbered. I have always been struck by how friendly and upbeat and, of course, absolutely gorgeous she is.

Senior favorite "the red dress" by Angie Windheim Photography

McKayla’s mom and I both struggle to pick a favorite image from her session. She looks amazing in all of them and shows off her many moods and expressions. But, Goose (aka McKayla) knew exactly which one she wanted to share…”her vogue one.” McKayla really mixed it up from a cute blouse and boots, to a sweater, to her Dutch Bros. beanie, to “the red dress.” When her mom showed me this dress, I knew exactly where I wanted to shoot, and McKayla sure delivered the pose.

McKayla loves this image because “it represents her looking off into her future…and ready to ride the journey of the next steps.”

McKayla will be focused on nursing at University of Arizona in the fall (she’ll wear lots of red there). She wants to help others, in a fast pace environment and is thinking of pediatric ICU, emergency, or surgery.

I am so gonna miss her smiling face at Dutch Bros. after this summer, but I am so happy to watch her following her dreams.

McKayla’s senior motto is “Put some red lipstick on and live a little!”

Senior Favorite – Robin and her Beagle

I was pretty excited when Robin came my way. I have lived next to her grandparents for over 10 years…her grandfather and I swap garden stories regularly over the fence. Getting to know Jerry’s granddaughter was pretty special.

Robin has so many fun interests. I loved talking and taking pictures of her with her beautiful sheep. I also photographed Robin on the football field, as she was a drum major for the award-winning Sherwood High School Marching Band.  Soon I hope to take some pictures of her with a refurbished VW Bug that has been a labor of love for her and her dad this year.

Senior Favorite of Robin and her puppy by Angie Windheim Photography

Robin’s Senior Favorite image is with her beautiful Beagle puppy. What a cutie. Robin loves this image “because the composition and lighting looks so beautiful! Plus I love my puppy.”

Robin’s plans for this Fall are to study at Oregon State University and pursue a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). She would love to be a marine mammal/zoo animal veterinarian, hopefully working at a zoo, aquarium or rescue shelter.

Robin is inspired by this Eleanor Rooosevelt quote, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Senior Favorite – Laurynn and Annabell

So you would like to bring a circus to the park for your Senior Photos? Okay, I-am-so-in!

Laurynn is magic with animals. She hauled her dog, her pony and her horse to meet me at a park one early morning for photos. They all clearly adore Laurynn. Her patient and calm nature made it one of the easiest sessions I have every shot.

Laurynn’s Senior Favorite image is of her and Annabell. I love this one as well, though I don’t think I could take a bad photo of these two beautiful girls. Since this was taken, Annabell gave birth to some of the cutest puppies I have ever seen. No surprise that Laurynn chose to add one permanently to her family. I wonder if little Grace was in Annabell’s tummy when this was taken?

Senior Favorite of Laurynn and her dog by Angie Windheim Photography

Laurynn plans to attend Walla Walla Community College this fall. She would love to continue working with horses and pursuing a degree in Farrier Science. Laurynn will also have the opportunity to ride along side the WWCC rodeo team.

Senior Favorite – Erin in the Fall

Easy to see why this is a Senior Favorite…love, love, love this beautiful and colorful portrait of Erin.

I was lucky enough have two photo sessions with Erin. We had fun being creative with poses and angles and even the leaves. Late summer put Erin in the flowers and urban settings. The peak of fall found us in the amazing colors, near the water and on the soccer field. Erin was so patient get the fall photos…twas an early, frigid and foggy morning. And just scheduling was a challenge due to Mother Nature and Erin’s soccer playoffs.

Speaking of soccer, Erin gets to keep playing the sport she loves in the fall…so exciting. Erin will be attending Clackamas Community College to play soccer and work on her pre-requisites for nursing.

Erin’s favorite inspirational quote:  The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams -Eleanor Roosevelt 

Erin's Senior Favorite by Angie Windheim Photography

Senior Favorite – Joshua Off the Rink

I have known Joshua for many years. I remember well the little boy who was a fierce competitor in baseball even at a young age. It was always exciting to have him catching behind the plate. With that competitive fire, it is no surprise that he is pursuing his dream to someday play profession sports. Not baseball though, Joshua spends a lot of time on the ice. He’s a hockey player.  

Joshua was out of state for much of his senior year playing hockey and came back to Sherwood spring term to graduate with his classmates. After high school, he will play Junior Level Hockey in Minnesota and go to college part time.  Beyond that, professional hockey is the plan, but he also has his eye on artificial intelligence for CSI.

Joshua’s favorite quote:  What is now proven was once only imagined  – William Blake

Joshua's Senior Favorite by Angie Windheim Photography

Senior Favorite – Emily in the Sunflowers

My first conversation with Emily was great. She said she wanted pictures in the sunflowers. Oh, yes, I wanted to do that!

My second conversation at the photo shoot was awesome. We had planned to do a few family photos at the beginning and her whole family popped out of the car in University of Oregon attire. The duck in me was in love!

Getting to know Emily is a gift. I am not sure what Sherwood High School will do without her. She is a leader, a doer and a generous role model. Tough shoes to fill for the Class of 2016. I have watched Emily this year do fabulous fundraising through the Mr. Bowmen campaign for Doernbecher as well as volunteer through Interact/Rotary. I laughed at her very early morning “flamingo flocking” throughout the local neighborhoods, and her helpful advice to hire a professional flocking removal team by simply paying a “suggested donation” to Doernbecher. Emily makes all of the hard work look like fun.

Senior in the Sunflowers by Angie Windheim Photography

So happy Emily chose the sunflowers for her Senior Favorite so I could share it with you. Emily says, “I like how natural it feels, and I also have a funny memory of trying not to get poked in the face with the sunflowers.” Sunflowers are kind of bullies when you try to walk through them!

Emily had some great choices for college, and ultimately chose Linfield College where she will study Elementary Education with a double minor in Spanish and either environmental studies or international studies.

Senior Favorite – Ali Defines #LikeAGirl

This girl doesn’t just have one of my favorite images for the Class of 2015, she is one my favorites of the Class of 2015. I have observed Ali for years now volunteering her time selflessly. She is patient and kind – even to little, semi-annoying baseball boys – even to her little brother!. And, Ali is smart…in school and in life. I love chatting on the sidelines and in the bleachers with Ali.
Ali’s mom chose this basketball image for her Senior Favorite because it highlights Ali’s “combination of beauty and strength.” I had so much fun orchestrating this shot. I was moving all around her and trying different angles and she just kept casually palming the ball. Ali is the first person to come to my mind when I watch the #LikaAGirl video. She is absolutely who we want inspiring those little girls.
Ali will be attending Western Oregon University in the fall on a basketball scholarship. She gets to keep living her hoop dreams…and study accounting 😉

Ali palming basketball over water as Senior Favorite Image by Angie Windheim Photography

Senior Favorite – Gabrielle and her Musical Gift

You know what music is?
God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe;
harmonic connection between all living beings,
every where, even the stars.
– Robin Williams in August Rush

There are so many beautiful quotes about the power of music in our lives. This one, to me, fits Gabrielle, because it embraces not only music but also because as her mom says, “Gabrielle has always felt passionate that she wants to serve and help people in some capacity.” Gabrielle makes the harmonic connections with her flute and also her heart.

And, so it is also very fitting that Gabrielle’s flute came along for her senior portraits and that this is her favorite image from our session.

Senior Favorite image of Gabrielle with her flute by Angie Windheim Photography

It has been so fun to see the amazing success Gabrielle and the SHS Marching Band and Wind Ensemble have had this year as well. I literally smile as I see the accolades and think, “Hey, I know that girl.” Gabrielle will be attending Oregon State University in the fall, majoring in psychology and minoring in music. Best part? She plans to continue playing in a concert/wind ensemble. OSU is so lucky to have her.
Gabrielle’s favorite inspirational quote: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13