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Senior Favorite – Bridgett and Her Big, Beautiful Smile

I’m a lucky parent. My son has surrounded himself with wonderful friends that I adore. Bridgett is one of those friends. I love her sense of humor and how she embraces and lifts up her friends. She is also a gifted artist and a fellow lover of fleurs (flowers). I feel very fortunate to have been a small part of her senior year and also for getting to take her senior portraits.

This shot of Bridgett is definitely a favorite of mine. I was super excited when her parents, Rick and Shelley, chose it as their Senior Favorite. Shelley says, “I feel like it captures, not only how naturally pretty she is (IMHO), but also her personality. I can hear her deep belly laugh, and I’m reminded of how good she is at not taking herself too seriously when I look at this picture. I am also reminded of how she got her smile from my dad who passed away when she wasn’t quite three.” 🙂

Senior portrait of Bridgett by Angie Windheim Photography

I am pretty excited that Bridgett has chosen to study art therapy at Oregon State University in the fall. That’s where my son will be, too, and I feel great that he has such great company right away. And, maybe Bridgett will share her extra meal points with him…just kidding!

Senior Favorite – Molly and Mac

Sometimes you just connect. I was instantly drawn to Molly and her mom, Deann. They have so much energy and great ideas and are so sweet to work with. And…well, Molly is joyful and beautiful. Her home and property and animals are gorgeous. It was a pretty fun morning at the “office.”

Molly’s Senior Favorite photo is with her horse, the lovely and patient Mac. There is an undeniable bond between Molly and all of her animals, but clearly Mac is a little extra special. Molly shared these beautiful words with me, “Mac means the world to me and has seen me at my best and my worst. It has been incredible to work with an animal that is so gracious and loving. He’s become my best friend over the last five years and it’s going to be heartbreaking to leave him behind when I head to Cali next year. I do, however, have a beautiful photo to remind me of that friendship, and I am so grateful.”

Molly will be attending Azusa Pacific University (about 40 minutes outside of LA) to study nursing in the fall. Nursing is such a great choice for a caring person like Molly who is inspired by this quote, “Live simply. Love generously. Speak truthfully. Breathe deeply. Do your best. Leave everything else to the powers above you.”

Senior Favorite – Brett and the Baby Grand

Such a pleasure to get to know Brett and his family. You just know when you meet “good people” and they are that for sure.

Brett’s mom chose this favorite image of him because she loves “how the photo captures a candid, natural broad smile…one of his best features.”   It is no wonder that he looks so relaxed and assertive as the photo is with his “most comfortable milieu,” the piano. Sometimes props do more than add eye candy to a photo. They bring out the joy and personality of the subject.  And, let me tell you, listening and watching Brett play would bring out the joy in anyone. Sooo talented.

Brett will attend Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington this fall.  He will major in Music Composition with dreams of becoming a composer as “ultimately his freest and most lush expression is through music.”

 High School Senior and Baby Grand Piano
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Senior Favorite – My Ben

Graduation is fast approaching. It is an honor to be chosen to capture high school seniors during this amazing year. And, because I’m nostalgic and also because I want to celebrate, I have asked each of my clients to choose a stand out image and catch me up on post-graduation plans.

I’m going first!

My crazy talented and wonderful oldest son, Ben, is graduating this year, too. Oh my heart! So hard to choose a favorite photo. But, I have definitely fallen in love with this image. It is a simple portrait that captures the sparkle in his eyes and those deep dimples that I adore. Oh, and I LOVE the sweater and his hair that is the longest it has EVER been in this photo.

Ben is going to add some wow factor to Oregon State University in the fall…both in the engineering school with his brain and around town with his music.

So who will be the next Senior featured? Stay tuned…


From T-ball to Prom in a Day

On Saturday, May 10th I photographed an adorable Sherwood Fireballs team in the morning. That evening, I snapped pictures for my son’s Sherwood Prom group. It was not until I pulled the images from my camera to my computer that overwhelming nostalgia settled in. Childhood truly goes that fast my friends – your little people are in kindergarten and playing t-ball in the morning, and by that evening, those same little people are grown and in gowns and tuxedos heading to Prom. Those precious little girls and boys become stunning, wonderful young men and women. At any given moment this year, my heart both clenches with beautiful memories or swells from pride and their contagious excitement over what is yet to come. Graduation is just 22 days away…

Sherwood T-ball and Prom

PDX Band – The Macks Release Nightcrawler

The Macks band blues alt rock PDX music EP Nightcrawler

The Macks new PDX music EP Nightcrawler. Listen at

The Macks are releasing their new, all original EP today. This PDX-based trio of high school alternative rock musicians deserves a listen. The Nightcrawler single is amazing and the whole EP is GOOOOD. Go. Listen. Now.

Lucky for me I am “with the band.” As fan mom of two members (and, hey, even the third calls me “Mom” for fun), I love also playing the  promo photographer for The Macks. The photo shoot with Ben Windheim, Joe Windheim and Sam Fulwiler went exactly as expected. The Macks have no problem hamming it up while looking very cool. I’m sure more images and outtakes from the shoot will pop up if you follow their Twitter account. Which you should. But, first, go listen to the Nightcrawler EP by The Macks.


Closing the Books – George Fox Graduate 2014

I have always loved college towns and college campuses. They are so full of character. It was fantastic to photograph this 2014 George Fox University graduate in the town and on the campus that he embraced for the last four years. Graduating from college and closing the books on your education is such a HUGE life milestone. I can tell this kid is going to rock the “real world.” Congratulations Nathanael and good luck!

george fox newberg oregon graduation portraits

George Fox graduate portraits by Angie Windheim Photography

Happy New Year

2013 Thank You

2013 was just awesome. I am extremely proud of my growth as a photographer. And, I feel so lucky to have met and worked with so many great people this past year. Just look at all of those beautiful faces! 

I will be jumping into 2014 with both feet and a smile on face. Oh, and a new camera!

January’s quiet time will be a great opportunity to plan and set my goals for 2014. I’ll be filling out my idea journals, researching new techniques and snapping, snapping, snapping photos.

This quote is a favorite and great inspiration for the New Year…

“Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.” – Imogen Cunningham


Scenic Senior Portraits in Oregon Vineyards

Oregon offers scenic beauty at every turn. A photographer’s dream. In these sessions I was able to use Oregon’s gorgeous grapes to show off two amazing members of 2014’s Senior Class.


Court Beauty

How could you not love this girl? Taylor is beautiful, bright, easy-going and willing to get outside on the tennis courts in January for a photo shoot.

And, of course, her hair is spectacular.

Taylor even was game for poses lying on the cold, hard ground (did the new Taylor Swift song pop into your head…ya, me, too).

For Taylor’s portraits we explored Mountain Park Racquet Club in Lake Oswego. We were lucky to find some great light and empty tennis courts. Guess, the empty tennis courts shouldn’t be a surprise when it’s 40 degrees outside!

Can’t you just tell this girl has a bright future? Good luck, Taylor.  And, I promise that if I photograph anymore girls willing to brave the chill for photos, I will bring hand warmers 🙂