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Senior Favorite – Robin and her Beagle

I was pretty excited when Robin came my way. I have lived next to her grandparents for over 10 years…her grandfather and I swap garden stories regularly over the fence. Getting to know Jerry’s granddaughter was pretty special.

Robin has so many fun interests. I loved talking and taking pictures of her with her beautiful sheep. I also photographed Robin on the football field, as she was a drum major for the award-winning Sherwood High School Marching Band.  Soon I hope to take some pictures of her with a refurbished VW Bug that has been a labor of love for her and her dad this year.

Senior Favorite of Robin and her puppy by Angie Windheim Photography

Robin’s Senior Favorite image is with her beautiful Beagle puppy. What a cutie. Robin loves this image “because the composition and lighting looks so beautiful! Plus I love my puppy.”

Robin’s plans for this Fall are to study at Oregon State University and pursue a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine (DVM). She would love to be a marine mammal/zoo animal veterinarian, hopefully working at a zoo, aquarium or rescue shelter.

Robin is inspired by this Eleanor Rooosevelt quote, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Senior Favorite – Erin in the Fall

Easy to see why this is a Senior Favorite…love, love, love this beautiful and colorful portrait of Erin.

I was lucky enough have two photo sessions with Erin. We had fun being creative with poses and angles and even the leaves. Late summer put Erin in the flowers and urban settings. The peak of fall found us in the amazing colors, near the water and on the soccer field. Erin was so patient get the fall photos…twas an early, frigid and foggy morning. And just scheduling was a challenge due to Mother Nature and Erin’s soccer playoffs.

Speaking of soccer, Erin gets to keep playing the sport she loves in the fall…so exciting. Erin will be attending Clackamas Community College to play soccer and work on her pre-requisites for nursing.

Erin’s favorite inspirational quote:  The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams -Eleanor Roosevelt 

Erin's Senior Favorite by Angie Windheim Photography

Senior Favorite – Joshua Off the Rink

I have known Joshua for many years. I remember well the little boy who was a fierce competitor in baseball even at a young age. It was always exciting to have him catching behind the plate. With that competitive fire, it is no surprise that he is pursuing his dream to someday play profession sports. Not baseball though, Joshua spends a lot of time on the ice. He’s a hockey player.  

Joshua was out of state for much of his senior year playing hockey and came back to Sherwood spring term to graduate with his classmates. After high school, he will play Junior Level Hockey in Minnesota and go to college part time.  Beyond that, professional hockey is the plan, but he also has his eye on artificial intelligence for CSI.

Joshua’s favorite quote:  What is now proven was once only imagined  – William Blake

Joshua's Senior Favorite by Angie Windheim Photography

Senior Favorite – Emily in the Sunflowers

My first conversation with Emily was great. She said she wanted pictures in the sunflowers. Oh, yes, I wanted to do that!

My second conversation at the photo shoot was awesome. We had planned to do a few family photos at the beginning and her whole family popped out of the car in University of Oregon attire. The duck in me was in love!

Getting to know Emily is a gift. I am not sure what Sherwood High School will do without her. She is a leader, a doer and a generous role model. Tough shoes to fill for the Class of 2016. I have watched Emily this year do fabulous fundraising through the Mr. Bowmen campaign for Doernbecher as well as volunteer through Interact/Rotary. I laughed at her very early morning “flamingo flocking” throughout the local neighborhoods, and her helpful advice to hire a professional flocking removal team by simply paying a “suggested donation” to Doernbecher. Emily makes all of the hard work look like fun.

Senior in the Sunflowers by Angie Windheim Photography

So happy Emily chose the sunflowers for her Senior Favorite so I could share it with you. Emily says, “I like how natural it feels, and I also have a funny memory of trying not to get poked in the face with the sunflowers.” Sunflowers are kind of bullies when you try to walk through them!

Emily had some great choices for college, and ultimately chose Linfield College where she will study Elementary Education with a double minor in Spanish and either environmental studies or international studies.

Senior Favorite – Gabrielle and her Musical Gift

You know what music is?
God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe;
harmonic connection between all living beings,
every where, even the stars.
– Robin Williams in August Rush

There are so many beautiful quotes about the power of music in our lives. This one, to me, fits Gabrielle, because it embraces not only music but also because as her mom says, “Gabrielle has always felt passionate that she wants to serve and help people in some capacity.” Gabrielle makes the harmonic connections with her flute and also her heart.

And, so it is also very fitting that Gabrielle’s flute came along for her senior portraits and that this is her favorite image from our session.

Senior Favorite image of Gabrielle with her flute by Angie Windheim Photography

It has been so fun to see the amazing success Gabrielle and the SHS Marching Band and Wind Ensemble have had this year as well. I literally smile as I see the accolades and think, “Hey, I know that girl.” Gabrielle will be attending Oregon State University in the fall, majoring in psychology and minoring in music. Best part? She plans to continue playing in a concert/wind ensemble. OSU is so lucky to have her.
Gabrielle’s favorite inspirational quote: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13

Senior Favorite – Bridgett and Her Big, Beautiful Smile

I’m a lucky parent. My son has surrounded himself with wonderful friends that I adore. Bridgett is one of those friends. I love her sense of humor and how she embraces and lifts up her friends. She is also a gifted artist and a fellow lover of fleurs (flowers). I feel very fortunate to have been a small part of her senior year and also for getting to take her senior portraits.

This shot of Bridgett is definitely a favorite of mine. I was super excited when her parents, Rick and Shelley, chose it as their Senior Favorite. Shelley says, “I feel like it captures, not only how naturally pretty she is (IMHO), but also her personality. I can hear her deep belly laugh, and I’m reminded of how good she is at not taking herself too seriously when I look at this picture. I am also reminded of how she got her smile from my dad who passed away when she wasn’t quite three.” 🙂

Senior portrait of Bridgett by Angie Windheim Photography

I am pretty excited that Bridgett has chosen to study art therapy at Oregon State University in the fall. That’s where my son will be, too, and I feel great that he has such great company right away. And, maybe Bridgett will share her extra meal points with him…just kidding!

Senior Favorite – Molly and Mac

Sometimes you just connect. I was instantly drawn to Molly and her mom, Deann. They have so much energy and great ideas and are so sweet to work with. And…well, Molly is joyful and beautiful. Her home and property and animals are gorgeous. It was a pretty fun morning at the “office.”

Molly’s Senior Favorite photo is with her horse, the lovely and patient Mac. There is an undeniable bond between Molly and all of her animals, but clearly Mac is a little extra special. Molly shared these beautiful words with me, “Mac means the world to me and has seen me at my best and my worst. It has been incredible to work with an animal that is so gracious and loving. He’s become my best friend over the last five years and it’s going to be heartbreaking to leave him behind when I head to Cali next year. I do, however, have a beautiful photo to remind me of that friendship, and I am so grateful.”

Molly will be attending Azusa Pacific University (about 40 minutes outside of LA) to study nursing in the fall. Nursing is such a great choice for a caring person like Molly who is inspired by this quote, “Live simply. Love generously. Speak truthfully. Breathe deeply. Do your best. Leave everything else to the powers above you.”

Senior Favorite – My Ben

Graduation is fast approaching. It is an honor to be chosen to capture high school seniors during this amazing year. And, because I’m nostalgic and also because I want to celebrate, I have asked each of my clients to choose a stand out image and catch me up on post-graduation plans.

I’m going first!

My crazy talented and wonderful oldest son, Ben, is graduating this year, too. Oh my heart! So hard to choose a favorite photo. But, I have definitely fallen in love with this image. It is a simple portrait that captures the sparkle in his eyes and those deep dimples that I adore. Oh, and I LOVE the sweater and his hair that is the longest it has EVER been in this photo.

Ben is going to add some wow factor to Oregon State University in the fall…both in the engineering school with his brain and around town with his music.

So who will be the next Senior featured? Stay tuned…


PDX Band – The Macks Release Nightcrawler

The Macks band blues alt rock PDX music EP Nightcrawler

The Macks new PDX music EP Nightcrawler. Listen at

The Macks are releasing their new, all original EP today. This PDX-based trio of high school alternative rock musicians deserves a listen. The Nightcrawler single is amazing and the whole EP is GOOOOD. Go. Listen. Now.

Lucky for me I am “with the band.” As fan mom of two members (and, hey, even the third calls me “Mom” for fun), I love also playing the  promo photographer for The Macks. The photo shoot with Ben Windheim, Joe Windheim and Sam Fulwiler went exactly as expected. The Macks have no problem hamming it up while looking very cool. I’m sure more images and outtakes from the shoot will pop up if you follow their Twitter account. Which you should. But, first, go listen to the Nightcrawler EP by The Macks.