Angie sipping coffee on the streets of Edinburgh Scotland
Me smiling at my hubby in Edinburgh as we celebrate 30 years married with a Scotland roadtrip.

As I prepare to celebrate five decades, I am no less thirsty to learn than I was 30 years ago. I love to reinvent myself. Corporate PR manager, full-time mom, food blogger, art museum copywriter, professional portrait photographer? Sure! The common thread is endless curiosity.

So what’s next?

Photography continues to be one of the biggest joys in my life.  But after a decade mastering the camera and editing I have moved away from “people” pictures. Portrait work taught me to look closely and intimately at the beauty in every person. It’s magical. Now I want to create that authentic connection with the environment.

I worry so about our detachment from nature. Our amazing planet depends on us being deeply mindful. We protect what we love. My selection of prints on Etsy at AngieWindheimPhoto is meant to awaken a sense of wonder and responsibility. I hope to eventually support wonderful conservationists like Xerces Society and sustainable gardening programs like Kindness Farm with my print sales.

I am also creating art for Kindness Roots.  The community we are building is all about good vibes and big hearts.

My next big thing is to dig deeper into all things green gardening. This has been a lifelong passion. Now that I’m not actively mothering three little boys, I’m looking to mother nature. Herbs and veggies and flowers. I want to grow and harvest it all well and responsibly. I will be applying to the Master Gardener Program, and I am so excited about that!

Please reach out if you have any inquiries about photographic art ideas, Kindness Roots, and any other ways to learn bunches about organic and regenerative gardens.