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2021 is Wide Open

Rather than lament this past (insert expletive) year, I am just going to happy dance myself into 2021. When has a year felt so poised for a fundamental shift in how we care for ourselves, each other, and our precious planet? We can only change the world if we welcome change with a big hug. And, don’t we all need a hug right now?

It appears that I am not the only one feeling this sense of being wide open in the new year. I shipped two prints in the first week of 2021. Both are inspiring scenes filled with vibrant, in-your-face color. Both are also expansive, breathtaking breath-filling examples of what we can experience when we protect our public lands.

“Tree of Life” was taken in the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge, and has been published by both the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce and The Wetlands Conservancy. To see a full collection of prints, visit the AngieWindheimPhoto Etsy Shop.
“Sunset Over Sage” was taken in the Steens Mountain Wilderness.

Travel to Italy in AngieWindheimPhoto Etsy Shop

Travel photography triggers our nostalgia and fuels our wanderlust. I recently took a trip down memory lane courtesy of my Italy photo galleries. My first European adventure, a tour through Florence and Venice, was brought vividly back to life. 

After I swooned and reminisced, I decided it was time to put my favorite images out into the universe. I am thrilled to offer my best Italy portraits in a new Etsy print collection. My hope is that my work inspires travelers to put Italy firmly at the top of their bucket lists. And if you are lucky enough to have roamed Tuscany and the canals of Venice, may these prints rekindle magical memories from past adventures.

I have been a frequent shopper on Etsy, but the platform is basically new for me as a contributor. I’d love input or suggestions in the comments below. What products and materials would like to see? Digital downloads for DIY projects? I made my own 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle through Shutterfly with a Venice at night image. All that crazy sky and water made for a challenging quarantine project!

Would you prefer mounted and ready-to-hang prints so you just pick a size and a place on your wall. For my home, I print on lustre paper that is mounted on black gatorfoam. It’s modern, lightweight but sturdy, and gorgeous. Currently my Italy portraits in the AngieWindheimPhoto Etsy shop are available as archival prints in deep velvet matte, vibrant shimmery pearl, or the popular lustre. 


Italy Prints by AngieWindheimPhoto