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Prancing in the Park – Sherwood’s 2016 Maid Marian Court

Maid Marian Court 2016, Sherwood Oregon Robin Hood Festival

With the spunk and sassy sweetness you expect of Maid Marian, this year’s Sherwood Robin Hood Festival ambassadors were fabulous to work with. It was clear the girls truly enjoyed each other, and friendships were in the making. And it is certainly a thrill to be the chosen photographer to capture the 2016 Maid Marian Court and their families. Be sure to join in on the festivities this year if you are in town July 15-17. The annual event has been a tradition in Sherwood, Oregon for over 60 years!  These lovely ladies will surely make it a year to remember. Maid Marian Court 2016 in Sherwood Oregon

Senior Favorite – Bridgett and Her Big, Beautiful Smile

I’m a lucky parent. My son has surrounded himself with wonderful friends that I adore. Bridgett is one of those friends. I love her sense of humor and how she embraces and lifts up her friends. She is also a gifted artist and a fellow lover of fleurs (flowers). I feel very fortunate to have been a small part of her senior year and also for getting to take her senior portraits.

This shot of Bridgett is definitely a favorite of mine. I was super excited when her parents, Rick and Shelley, chose it as their Senior Favorite. Shelley says, “I feel like it captures, not only how naturally pretty she is (IMHO), but also her personality. I can hear her deep belly laugh, and I’m reminded of how good she is at not taking herself too seriously when I look at this picture. I am also reminded of how she got her smile from my dad who passed away when she wasn’t quite three.” 🙂

Senior portrait of Bridgett by Angie Windheim Photography

I am pretty excited that Bridgett has chosen to study art therapy at Oregon State University in the fall. That’s where my son will be, too, and I feel great that he has such great company right away. And, maybe Bridgett will share her extra meal points with him…just kidding!

It’s the Windheims – Local Portraits Section Features My Family

The Macks and Nightcrawler EP featured in Sherwood GazetteIt’s pretty humbling to be approached for an article like this. We truly enjoyed our interview and conversation with Ray Pitz (he’s very music savvy and a totally nice guy) and are thrilled with this article that ran in a special section of the Tigard/Tualatin and Beaverton Valley Times. We were still basking in the glow of the fantastic article covering The Macks debut EP in the Sherwood Gazette when this one hit. Reactions of our friends and neighbors have been priceless. We’re certainly getting our 15 minutes of fame from the two articles. True story: I asked for a friend to save her copy of the section for me and she said, “No, I’ll get you another copy. You’re going to need to sign mine.” Love her.  
Windheim Family featured in local Tualtin, Tigard and Beaverton papers

New Photo Book Portfolio

A photo session with Angie Windheim Photography is up for bid at an upcoming Raindrops to Refuge fundraiser. I needed a portfolio display quick and went to my trusty friend, Shutterfly, to put one together.

You can get a sneak peek or come see it in person on the 25th.

Host: Raindrops to Refuge
Event: Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction F
Date: February 25th
Time: 5pm-7pm
Location: Rebekah Hall in Sherwood
Cost: $5 adults, $2.50 kids plus $1 for homemade dessert
Entertainment: Local favorite, Myron LeRoy, with guest student, Ben Windheim (yep, that’s my boy)

Full of Personality

Photographing 2-year-olds is fantastic fun and oh-so-active! Ana kept me laughing and kept me on my toes the entire shoot. What a sweetie.

While I love to go hunting for grand stages for photography in fields and parks, I also love the intimacy and relaxed nature of photographing kids in their own backyard. Ana was comfortable at home with her tree, her flowers, her dog and her trike. I think we got a lot more out of her than if we’d tired her out away from home.

Sherwood Classic Basketball Shoot

I had a very successful photo shoot with The Sherwood 7th Grade Boys Classic team in January. Taking basketball team photos can present lots of challenges with lighting, space and composition. Fortunately, a little prep and patience solves all of those issues.

The boys were very relaxed. After quickly adjusting the camera and clearing space on the bleachers, I got some really nice shots. I avoid flash in the gyms and rely on some clever ISO and shutter speed adjustments until I get the right color and clarity. My favorite photos are the silly ones. I tell the boys to do something crazy and then “freeze.” You really get to see their personalities shine in those photos.

The actual game that afternoon was an overtime, barn burner. Sherwood was victorious. Hopefully, the action pics will help them remember a very fun game. You can check out all the photos in the gallery.