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Bridge City – Sightseeing at Home

While the last year has put some of our big travel dreams on hold, it has also offered a chance to look deeper at where we are. I know I am often compelled to take photos of every bridge I roam, but literally some of the best ones have been at home! Portland certainly holds true to its nickname: Bridge City.

This image of the Hawthorne Bridge has a place in my living room alongside iconic travel photos of Italy’s Ponte Vecchio, Bridge of Sighs, and Rialto Bridge. Now all of these favorite prints are also available in my Etsy shop. I have to say I was pretty thrilled that a recent customer shared my desire to be a tourist at home and is now displaying the Hawthorne Bridge in an impressive 20×30 right in Portland.

Sunset through Portland city buildings over Hawthorne Bridge by photographer Angie Windheim.