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Learning – Project 52

I love, love, LOVE my cat.

He goes by the name of Smokey or also, and I do say this with affection, Fatso Catso.

We also call him Killer due to the many, many, many mice he has hunted and conquered on our property.

Smokey is not shy, but is usually quite uninterested in being photographed. He looks left, right, up, down and sometimes just closes his eyes. But, he rarely turns a glance toward me or my camera.

Smokey must have known this was a special photo opportunity. The Moms with Cameras Project52 theme was “learning,” and he graciously laid right down on my son’s workbook to “read.”  I practically squealed a “thank you, kitty” and ran to get my camera. I knew I had to work fast.

So, yet another successful and fun Project52 assignment. If it wasn’t for the “learning” theme, I may have just passed this image up and never grabbed my camera. Now, it’s one of my favorite portraits of one of my favorite animals.




Competition – Project52

As the mom of three boys, you would think that last week’s Project52 theme, competition, would have been a breeze. Just bring along the camera to the court or the field and I’m set, right?

Wrong. Oddly enough, after many years of back-to-back sports seasons, all three of my guys took the winter off.

The good news is that all of this sudden downtime in our schedule is getting the kiddos to reconnect with each other (and me). I’ve never played so many after school basketball games of “Pig.” And, the boys love to play “Knockout” on the driveway.

So, it turns out, all I had to do was go out on the driveway to get my competition pictures.

While I got a lot of fun action shots, my favorites are actually of the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” they played to decide who goes first in their game of one-on-one basketball.

The hands are filthy from playing with a damp, dirty ball on the driveway and for some reason, that game always gives them the giggles.

This Project52 work is fitting so nicely with my New Year’s Resolution to take more photos of my kids in “everyday life.” Very fun.

Oh, and, my close up got picked for a Moms with Cameras favorite of the week. Woohoo!


Sam at home with his giant slingshot











Living in the country is a gift.

For me, living in the country means space to garden, to raise crazy things like goats and chickens and to find peace in quiet spaces and skies that actually get dark at night.

For my boys, especially my youngest, the country is space to have adventure, to create contraptions, to build forts and to play, play, play.

It’s not a surprise that I decided Sam and his latest homemade contraption, a GIANT slingshot, was my target for the Moms with Cameras Project52 “home” theme last week. Giving Sam the space and the tools to be creative and just get outside more is a big reason why we call this lovely place our home.

And, I’m excited to share that the Moms with Cameras leader included one of my pictures in her favorites for the week. It’s so nice to get a little “good job” from another photographer 🙂

I love the "wasn't that cool" look on his face right after he shot a pinecone. He's pretty proud.

Everyday Life – Boys at Play

Loving this New Year resolution so far. Trying to capture the little things, the memories I want to keep, is challenging and so inspiring!

My “Everyday” project this week is Sam and his nearly daily outdoor adventures with our neighbor, Aidan.

Frequently, I refuse to watch their escapades. They usually involve building contraptions that are, well, let’s just say “not good ideas.” They aren’t horribly unsafe, but would definitely add to my gray hairs.

But, this time I decided to bravely wander over to check things out. Luckily it was pretty tame for them. Aidan and Sam showed off Aidan’s new zip line (safely installed by his dad, thank goodness).

Their project of the day was finding creative uses for an old barn door. In this photo, they were setting it up on a pile of gravel as a makeshift teeter totter…that they stood on. Nope, no sitting for these guys. It was all fun and games until Aidan jumped off and Sam went flying. Yep, two gray hairs at least for that one. Just a few scratches for Sam.

What I love most about these pictures are the genuine smiles of kids at play and that Sam is dressed exactly as he is most days with Aidan. Boots (so Mom doesn’t yell at him for muddying up the school shoes), a hoody and athletic shorts. The kid will not wear pants. He’ll put on a stocking cap and gloves, but keep the shorts. I’m guessing it was about 40 degrees outside that day. Brrrr.

I’m on a bit of a black and white kick with these lifestyle photos. It connects the photos together for me. Could make for a fun album at the end of the year.

Everyday Life Photos for the New Year

In my mental life bucket overflowing with New Year’s resolution ideas, I have one that I’m excited about.  I want to freeze my boys in time with photos.

While I admittedly take a lot more pictures than most, I still fall into the trap of being an “event” photographer for my family. I capture the annual portraits, sporting events, vacations, birthdays, etc.

But what about the little things that I love and want to remember always about my kiddos?

So, one of my big resolutions for 2012 is to truly observe and soak in my boys.  I want to photograph the little, everyday things that will help me always remember who they were in 2012.

My first “Everyday Life” project is my Sam.  Nearly every morning I will find Sam in this same spot on the couch, reading with Otto at his feet.

These photos will always put a smile on my face and remember Sam’s huge Tintin comics obsession, his crazy bed hair that he twirls while he reads, and how he always stops to fill me in on something exciting he’s learned in his books.