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Love in the Riotous Beauty of Cherry Blossoms – Engagement

Portland’s Japanese American Historical Plaza is a scene of riotous beauty every spring. Fluffy, light-filled cherry blossom stretch along the city’s waterfront begging lovers to smooch and dance and celebrate the season hand in hand. The plaza is a spectacular stage for engagement portraits. Can you think of a more romantic scene in the Pacific Northwest for couple’s photography? Please leave a comment and share your ideas as I would love to check them out.
Spring cherry blossoms and love at Japanese American Historical Plaza in Portland, Oregon
Whispering sweet nothings at Portland's Japanese American PlazaPeekaboo in the cherry trees at the Japanese American Historical Plaza in Portland, OregonSpring cherry blossoms and love at Japanese American Historical Plaza in Portland, Oregon

Melissa and the Flowers – Senior Sunday Portraits

Melissa Alvares Sherwood Senior Portraits by Angie Windheim PhotographyMeeting Melissa was surely one of the highlights of my Class of 2016 photo season. Her energy, her smile and that twinkle in her eye made for an instant connection with me and the camera.

Melissa is a fan of flowers so when we talked locations, I was super excited she liked my suggestion for a little rose garden out in St. Paul. I was even more thrilled that she had spent some time at the Dahlia Festival and brought breathtakingly gorgeous bouquets to use throughout her session. The flowers were such a beautiful touch of color to those sunset images in the field.

In the fall, Melissa will be moving on from Sherwood High School to Oregon State University. I know for certain that her future is bright in Corvallis. But for now, Melissa is embracing her last few months of high school with new and old friends. She has also begun the hunt for the perfect prom dress. This girl has style, so you know it’s going to be a stunner. I couldn’t believe just the amazing shoes this girl had for her senior photos (see below). Melissa has dreams of one day owning a dress boutique and helping to make every girl’s prom one to remember.  Perfect! 

Melissa Alvares, Sherwood High School, Senior 2016

Golden Highlights of Marisa – Senior Sunday Portraits

Marisa Whitley, Sherwood High School Senior, portraits by Angie Windheim PhotographyMarisa is gold. Her personality is so warm and she shines so bright in her Senior portraits. And I doubt I even have to point out those gorgeous, sun-catching golden highlights in her hair!

Marisa’s portrait session was one of my first of the Senior portrait season in late July. Her portraits are a great testament to booking in the summer. It was warm, sunny and relaxed. No school stress. No rain worries. No chills.

Spring of Senior year is almost upon us and Marisa’s final months of high school will be filled with completing her art portfolio and kicking some booty on the tennis courts. She will also be making the big decision of whether to be a Duck or a Beaver – Go Ducks! – I may be a little biased. No matter the school, Marisa has the right perspective. She’s excitedly awaiting the next chapter of her life and says, “I just want to be happy and healthy for the rest of my life!”

Senior Favorite – Emily in the Sunflowers

My first conversation with Emily was great. She said she wanted pictures in the sunflowers. Oh, yes, I wanted to do that!

My second conversation at the photo shoot was awesome. We had planned to do a few family photos at the beginning and her whole family popped out of the car in University of Oregon attire. The duck in me was in love!

Getting to know Emily is a gift. I am not sure what Sherwood High School will do without her. She is a leader, a doer and a generous role model. Tough shoes to fill for the Class of 2016. I have watched Emily this year do fabulous fundraising through the Mr. Bowmen campaign for Doernbecher as well as volunteer through Interact/Rotary. I laughed at her very early morning “flamingo flocking” throughout the local neighborhoods, and her helpful advice to hire a professional flocking removal team by simply paying a “suggested donation” to Doernbecher. Emily makes all of the hard work look like fun.

Senior in the Sunflowers by Angie Windheim Photography

So happy Emily chose the sunflowers for her Senior Favorite so I could share it with you. Emily says, “I like how natural it feels, and I also have a funny memory of trying not to get poked in the face with the sunflowers.” Sunflowers are kind of bullies when you try to walk through them!

Emily had some great choices for college, and ultimately chose Linfield College where she will study Elementary Education with a double minor in Spanish and either environmental studies or international studies.

My Garden: Spring Akebia Blossoms

Absolutely love my Akebia vines. They are beautiful, always healthy and can ferociously take over a trellis.

Try planting two, cross-pollinating varieties in your yard.  Your vines could produce giant, neon-purple potato-sized fruit. I was lucky enough for this to happen just one year. I’m so hoping I see it again.

The Akebia vine’s Spring blossoms are teeny tiny but fascinating to behold…especially with my new 100mm macro lens. I’m having so much fun with this close-up-larger-than-life photography. I feel like a little kid pretending to be a scientist. I creep around the yard, discovering an amazing miniature world with a magnifying glass.

Native is Beautiful

Native is Beautiful Series: Red Flowering Currant
Spring is an excellent time of year to start some Earth-loving habits.

Plant a tree, start composting, recycle EVERYTHING, grow a garden, help remove invasive plants…

If you are in Sherwood, a fun way to get started is to attend the annual Raindrops to Refuge Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction this Friday, April 20th at the Rebekah Lodge.

Raindrops to Refuge is a small non-profit organization dedicated to helping local citizens learn how to be responsible citizens of their watershed. They restore impaired wetlands and waterways; and they protect our watershed from the hazards of pollution from our everyday practices and from rapid development.

You can keep it simple and just join this fabulous group for a fun meal and to bid on some great auction items (including a canvas of my Red Currant image). Or, you can find out how to be a part of some of the great planting and clean up projects that are sure to be scheduled in the coming months.

I feel great after a morning planting. And I feel even better when I go back a year or two later to see the transformation. In fact, a Stella Olsen Park planting is what inspired my new “Native is Beautiful” photo series.

Desert Delights

Joshua Tree in bloom.
I left the “wishy washy” weather of Oregon last week and found the no-nonsense heat of Palm Desert.

Wow, it felt so good to be warm.

And, to my delight, Spring had sprung in the desert. My youngest son and I had a blast taking pictures of all of the new places and plants and animals.

My favorite bloom of all was the Joshua Tree. This photo makes me feel warm, dry and happy…even though it’s nasty, wet and cold outside.