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Photo Fundraisers – Sherwood Band Portraits 2018

Band photo days never disappoint. I’ve been taking them for a number of years now so now the kids are ready for me. They have often planned, coordinated and schemed what to do in the “goofy” shot. I just set myself up on a ladder and capture the friends, fun and memories. I love to reflect on some of these shots as I’m taking some of their senior portraits in what feels like just a few minutes later.

And the bonus? These photo days are a fundraiser for the Band Boosters. For the 2017-2018 school year we have raised nearly $900. Yes!

Are you in the Sherwood area and interested in a fun photo fundraiser for your team, school or organization? I’d love to hear from you.

Mascot Mania

Finding ways to use my photography to support my kids’ schools is just so, so cool. And, donating photography is beyond awesome when it’s a project that stirs my creativity.

Recently I was approached with the fantastic idea for a mascot photo shoot at Edy Ridge Elementary. Picture this: over 100 fifth graders plus the OSU Beaver, the Oregon Duck and BLAZE from the Trailblazers. Oh, baby, sign me up!

First, we had FUN.

Then, I went to work. I took the photos from the shoot and created 4 class collage posters (20×30 printed and framed). They will all be auctioned off at the Edy Ridge Carnival on March 8th.

The kids are SUPER excited about the posters. So the pressure is ON, parents. Come ready to battle. I’m hoping for a bidding war!