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Red-tailed Hawk Spa Day

Talk about scenes that take your breath away. This Red-tailed Hawk enjoying a steamy, sunlit rooftop was why I became a photographer. Seeing a stunning moment, capturing it on camera, and sharing it with others is so satisfying.

As the hawk images were hands down my favorite shots of the year, I knew immediately the image to submit to the Flickr’s Your Best Shot 2021. It had already won my heart, but I was thrilled to have it featured on the “Explore” page on January 1st. A wonderful start to the year! “Hawk Spa” was also one of only 20 photographs selected for “Honorable Mention.” It feels amazing to see my work in such a gorgeous gallery.

Prints of “Hawk Spa” and one other of this fancy lady gazing at her feathers like Cinderella before the ball are available on Etsy.

Red-tailed hawk enjoys the steam and morning sunlight on a rooftop in Oregon.