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The Mendricks Trio – Family Fun Friday

Mendricks, Jurgens Park, Family portraits, Angie Windheim Photography, Sherwood, Oregon
I love having a pre-session “date” with clients at my favorite coffee shop, Sherwood’s Symposium Coffee. We get to chat, get to know each other, make eye contact (without a camera in my face), pick a location, have excellent coffee, and get creative. Meeting Kelly, I knew I had a kindred spirt. She loves capturing her little girl and it was clear that the annual photo session was going to be fun. I mean, seriously, we decided to bring bubbles!

I have some special locations that I love to take families. Places where kids can be kids. Parks with walking trails and fun things like ponds and rivers and tall grasses to play in.  If kids are busy and having a good time, they really don’t worry all that much about me and the camera. The park we used for this photo session is wonderful. I find something new every time I visit. And, it really says something that we could get such interesting backgrounds and scenery in early December. There is eye candy all year round.

Do you know of any great parks or recreation areas near Sherwood, Newberg or Tualatin that offer up interesting textures and nature in the winter? Leave a comment because I LOVE scouting out new locations.

From T-ball to Prom in a Day

On Saturday, May 10th I photographed an adorable Sherwood Fireballs team in the morning. That evening, I snapped pictures for my son’s Sherwood Prom group. It was not until I pulled the images from my camera to my computer that overwhelming nostalgia settled in. Childhood truly goes that fast my friends – your little people are in kindergarten and playing t-ball in the morning, and by that evening, those same little people are grown and in gowns and tuxedos heading to Prom. Those precious little girls and boys become stunning, wonderful young men and women. At any given moment this year, my heart both clenches with beautiful memories or swells from pride and their contagious excitement over what is yet to come. Graduation is just 22 days away…

Sherwood T-ball and Prom

A Walk in the Park – Family Photography

My family photo sessions are often quite literally “a walk in the park.”

When you have fun-size people in your family, it’s always a good idea to have lots of patience (no brainer) AND space to move and jump and wiggle your way through a photo session. Littles need breaks and distractions and fun!

With three BIG boys of my own, I loved stepping back in time for an hour with the Traff family. Those adorable boys made me a bit nostalgic for the days when I could pick up my kiddos and carry them around upside down. They also reminded me to take a moment and enjoy the beauty of falling cotton from the cottonwood trees.

Traff family portraits sherwood oregon stella olsen park

Traff family photos by Angie Windheim Photography taken at Stella Olsen Park

Cuteness Overload – Preschool Pics in the Park

I love working with preschoolers. 3 and 4 year olds practically pop with personality. Even the shy ones are ADORABLE.

Oh, and a little advice to you poor moms on picture day: RELAX. Let the kids do what they do, and we’ll capture the cuteness. Just takes a little patience sometimes. And, I have to say that those cheesy grins, messed up manes and scraped knees are going to melt your heart someday. My “little” boy is almost a high school Senior and I love looking back at his preschool photos. I can’t get enough of those cheeks!

It’s been a joy working with Ms. Josi and her preschool classes over the years. Our annual photo shoots are a Spring highlight for me. So very, very fun.

preschool portraits

ABC Preschool cuties at Stella Olsen Park in Sherwood, Oregon – photos by Angie Windheim Photography


The Girls – Family Portraits

Talk about a dream photo shoot.

First, I love the family. Second, the girls are GORGEOUS. Third, Mom absolutely nailed the wardrobe. The colors were great and the styles fit each personality. Fourth, I stumbled upon this pretty location a few weeks ago and it was even better than my first impression.

There are a couple of handsome guys in this family too – who are totally outnumbered! I love their photos, but today is feeling like a sunny, twirly girlie day. I’m sure the guys are used to waiting for their turn 🙂

family portraits girls Newberg Oregon

Beautiful colors and beautiful girls. Lader family portraits by Angie Windheim Photography.

Mascot Mania

Finding ways to use my photography to support my kids’ schools is just so, so cool. And, donating photography is beyond awesome when it’s a project that stirs my creativity.

Recently I was approached with the fantastic idea for a mascot photo shoot at Edy Ridge Elementary. Picture this: over 100 fifth graders plus the OSU Beaver, the Oregon Duck and BLAZE from the Trailblazers. Oh, baby, sign me up!

First, we had FUN.

Then, I went to work. I took the photos from the shoot and created 4 class collage posters (20×30 printed and framed). They will all be auctioned off at the Edy Ridge Carnival on March 8th.

The kids are SUPER excited about the posters. So the pressure is ON, parents. Come ready to battle. I’m hoping for a bidding war!







Old Oak Tree

The instant I saw the “The Old Oak Tree,” I was thrilled, overjoyed and in LOVE with it.

What a perfect, poetic setting for family portraits.

A huge old oak tree, in the middle of a grassy field was the perfect EVERYTHING for the images I wanted to create for some good friends.

During the session I kept thinking, “I need to look up the song lyrics to By The Old Oak Tree.” Such a cute, romantic song. And, I bet there’s a good chance that this Old Oak Tree has been right there since 1930 when Percy Wenrich wrote the song.

Thanks, Becki and Mike for trusting me to find the location for your lovely family. I think you’ll enjoy the happy lyrics, too…

There’s no spot I cherish like the old oak tree I used to know some years ago

With my sweetheart by my side we’d spend the happy hours

They linger yet, I can’t forget.

 By the old oak tree, by the old oak tree,

By the old oak tree we sat together

There we learned to care, all our troubles share

Whether it was fair or stormy weather.

Down in the shady lane, In gingham gowns so plain

We sang love’s sweet refrain

So tenderly

Life was full of joy,

Happy girl and boy

When we met together

By the old oak tree.

(Instrumental interlude)

Down in the shady lane,

In gingham gowns so plain

You sang love’s sweet refrain

So tenderly Life was full of joy,

Happy girl and happy boy

When we sat together

By the old oak tree.

The Sweetest Thing

So much anticipation.

I’d been waiting for this little doll to arrive FOREVER. I could not wait to meet this lil one and be in charge of her first photo shoot.

Turns out she was in charge…

I had all sorts of ideas involving a hat box and a blanket and some crumpled up, sleepy baby poses. Ha.

Turns out this one is a creature of comfort. At 7-days-old she knew which blanket she wanted and exactly what positions suited her best.

So, of course, we said, “Anything you want, baby.” We embraced the baby and all of her demands. And, we got some amazing photos.

Sooo sweet. It is such a privilege to be the one who captured her lil self, in her room, with her blankies.

The whole experience reminded me of a day long ago (15 years ago, sigh). A friend of mine came for a visit when my first baby born was fresh from the hospital. She thanked me for letting her stop by and gushed that, “It just wasn’t everyday that you get to meet a ‘new’ person.”

So true, so true. It is a moment to cherish. My friend’s words pop into my head whenever I’ve been lucky enough to hold a baby…I take a deep breath and soak in the moment.


Just Me and My Mom

What’s the perfect, rare and precious gift for Mother’s Day? A photo session with Mom and her little (or not-so-little) ones.

Contact me about booking a Spring photo session or purchasing a gift certificate for your beautiful Mom.

Solo & Ensemble Night

Gotta say I get pretty excited about solo and ensemble night at LRMS.  Kids that are normally hidden in the back rows and behind music stands get a chance to shine at the front of the stage.

And, of course, it’s a massive photo op for me. Love it.

One flute player shined extra bright the other night. Amongst so many serious and nervous faces, she seemed to actually enjoy herself up there. Nice!

LRMS parents: please be sure to go through the many, many fun photos taken both for the big portrait session and for the various concerts. You can contact me or Mr. Stai if you’ve forgotten the password.