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Photo Fundraisers – Sherwood Band Portraits 2018

Band photo days never disappoint. I’ve been taking them for a number of years now so now the kids are ready for me. They have often planned, coordinated and schemed what to do in the “goofy” shot. I just set myself up on a ladder and capture the friends, fun and memories. I love to reflect on some of these shots as I’m taking some of their senior portraits in what feels like just a few minutes later.

And the bonus? These photo days are a fundraiser for the Band Boosters. For the 2017-2018 school year we have raised nearly $900. Yes!

Are you in the Sherwood area and interested in a fun photo fundraiser for your team, school or organization? I’d love to hear from you.

The Macks 2016 – Fan Friday

The Macks, blues rock alternative band, from Portland. Members: Sam Fulwiler, Ben Windheim, Joe Windheim, Bailey Sauls

I am officially declaring today to be “Fan Friday.” I basically need an excuse to share some photos and shamelessly shout out my love to my most favorite band on the planet, The Macks.
So what if I have two kids in the band. These guys are awesome.

The Macks blues rock alternative performing songs from Nightcrawler and Cha Bunky EPs

Over Spring Break my house was filled with thumping drums, crazy guitar riffs and the occasional scream. The Macks are prepping for new recordings and are totally energized after their second place finish at the Oregon State Battle of the Bands 2016.
That show. Wow. That show was so good. It was their best performance and their best crowd by far. Unbelievable. I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. The fun they were having on stage rubbed off on everyone there.
Take a second, put in some headphones and check out the video from that epic night. I can’t thank Oregon State University’s KVBR-TV enough for this recording and for sharing it. After you watch, then you should go right to The Macks page on Bandcamp to download your favorite tracks. And you should definitely follow The Macks on Facebook and Twitter so you are the first to know when new tracks are released and the next show is booked. New material is coming soon!
Just a little note to bands starting out…GET PHOTOS. You never know when you’ll need one for an article like this one on The Macks in the Daily Barometer. And you need good photos for promos and posters for your next gig.

Senior Favorite – Gabrielle and her Musical Gift

You know what music is?
God’s little reminder that there’s something else besides us in this universe;
harmonic connection between all living beings,
every where, even the stars.
– Robin Williams in August Rush

There are so many beautiful quotes about the power of music in our lives. This one, to me, fits Gabrielle, because it embraces not only music but also because as her mom says, “Gabrielle has always felt passionate that she wants to serve and help people in some capacity.” Gabrielle makes the harmonic connections with her flute and also her heart.

And, so it is also very fitting that Gabrielle’s flute came along for her senior portraits and that this is her favorite image from our session.

Senior Favorite image of Gabrielle with her flute by Angie Windheim Photography

It has been so fun to see the amazing success Gabrielle and the SHS Marching Band and Wind Ensemble have had this year as well. I literally smile as I see the accolades and think, “Hey, I know that girl.” Gabrielle will be attending Oregon State University in the fall, majoring in psychology and minoring in music. Best part? She plans to continue playing in a concert/wind ensemble. OSU is so lucky to have her.
Gabrielle’s favorite inspirational quote: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Philippians 4:13

Senior Favorite – Brett and the Baby Grand

Such a pleasure to get to know Brett and his family. You just know when you meet “good people” and they are that for sure.

Brett’s mom chose this favorite image of him because she loves “how the photo captures a candid, natural broad smile…one of his best features.”   It is no wonder that he looks so relaxed and assertive as the photo is with his “most comfortable milieu,” the piano. Sometimes props do more than add eye candy to a photo. They bring out the joy and personality of the subject.  And, let me tell you, listening and watching Brett play would bring out the joy in anyone. Sooo talented.

Brett will attend Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington this fall.  He will major in Music Composition with dreams of becoming a composer as “ultimately his freest and most lush expression is through music.”

 High School Senior and Baby Grand Piano
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PDX Band – The Macks Release Nightcrawler

The Macks band blues alt rock PDX music EP Nightcrawler

The Macks new PDX music EP Nightcrawler. Listen at

The Macks are releasing their new, all original EP today. This PDX-based trio of high school alternative rock musicians deserves a listen. The Nightcrawler single is amazing and the whole EP is GOOOOD. Go. Listen. Now.

Lucky for me I am “with the band.” As fan mom of two members (and, hey, even the third calls me “Mom” for fun), I love also playing the  promo photographer for The Macks. The photo shoot with Ben Windheim, Joe Windheim and Sam Fulwiler went exactly as expected. The Macks have no problem hamming it up while looking very cool. I’m sure more images and outtakes from the shoot will pop up if you follow their Twitter account. Which you should. But, first, go listen to the Nightcrawler EP by The Macks.


Solo & Ensemble Night

Gotta say I get pretty excited about solo and ensemble night at LRMS.  Kids that are normally hidden in the back rows and behind music stands get a chance to shine at the front of the stage.

And, of course, it’s a massive photo op for me. Love it.

One flute player shined extra bright the other night. Amongst so many serious and nervous faces, she seemed to actually enjoy herself up there. Nice!

LRMS parents: please be sure to go through the many, many fun photos taken both for the big portrait session and for the various concerts. You can contact me or Mr. Stai if you’ve forgotten the password.