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Learning – Project 52

I love, love, LOVE my cat.

He goes by the name of Smokey or also, and I do say this with affection, Fatso Catso.

We also call him Killer due to the many, many, many mice he has hunted and conquered on our property.

Smokey is not shy, but is usually quite uninterested in being photographed. He looks left, right, up, down and sometimes just closes his eyes. But, he rarely turns a glance toward me or my camera.

Smokey must have known this was a special photo opportunity. The Moms with Cameras¬†Project52 theme was “learning,” and he graciously laid right down on my son’s workbook to “read.” ¬†I practically squealed a “thank you, kitty” and ran to get my camera. I knew I had to work fast.

So, yet another successful and fun Project52 assignment. If it wasn’t for the “learning” theme, I may have just passed this image up and never grabbed my camera. Now, it’s one of my favorite portraits of one of my favorite animals.