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Breakfast (In Bed) – The Macks

My favorite band is The Macks.

It’s hard to believe that I have raised three talented musicians who create music that I truly love. For years, two of my boys were rattling and rocking my loft with The Macks. Such good times. But alas, The Macks left my nest for a basement in Portland.

I totally miss hosting the band’s practice sessions and hearing songs develop. Now I have to impatiently wait just like everyone else for the next release. The latest song from The Macks’ upcoming album hit Bandcamp today. Breakfast (In Bed) will get your booty shaking. Give it a listen and download on Bandcamp. Definitely add it to your Spotify playlist and follow these guys. I cannot wait to hear the whole album soon.

P.S. If you like music videos, you should check out The Undo Man by The Macks on YouTube. It’s hilarious. And, the song is fantastic.