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Picture of Angie holding bundles of lavenderWelcome to the musings of Angie Windheim (that's me!). Writer, photographer, mom to three 20-somethings. The nest may be empty, but the mothering journey continues. An endless pursuit to be nurturing, caring, and kind to myself, the planet, and all who call it home. I'm a mid-century mama sowing seeds for the next 50 years of one wild and precious life. These are my stories about staying curious and growing old gratefully.  My monthly letter will make sure you don't miss a post - subscribe here

Time to Fly for Kindness Roots

The virtual confetti is floating in the air above, and I have just a few butterflies fluttering in my belly. For many months I have been quietly creating art, preparing a website, and putting all the pieces together to launch a new adventure called Kindness Roots. Today, I am letting it fly! Kindness Roots is an art-filled...