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When I sat down in January to start my Decade in Review, guided by the force that is Marie Forleo, I already new I wanted big change in 2020. After taking time to write down and revisit personal and professional accomplishments for the last 10 years, I am proud and ready to kick some booty in my next decade. I know what it’s like to look at a day, a month, a year and feel like nothing moved forward. Look back at 10 years though, and you will impress yourself!

In 2020 I am reimagining my business and how best to serve as a writer and photographer.

My roots are in Oregon. I’ve always known it was a privilege to grow up surrounded by beautiful spaces and by people that care deeply about protecting them. My vision is to move my professional and personal projects in a direction that supports kindness to our planet as a philanthropist, influencer, and change maker.

Each baby step we take toward a new vision is important. For now, I am setting my intentions and learning a little something every day. I am also committed to taking action. I plan to trust my instincts and avoid spinning my wheels in research mode. Self-designing my new logo was a perfect way for me to get things moving. Once I had it finished, I waited maybe five minutes to update my website and social media. I was so excited.

A quick story on the new logo.

Over 16 years ago, my husband and I bought a little piece of land in Sherwood, Oregon. It was almost entirely pasture. Except for “The Big Tree.” While I’ve planted nearly 100 trees on our land since then, that glorious fir tree dominates the landscape. The Big Tree has held my kids’ rope swing, served as the backdrop for family photos, cradled kittens in its branches, and created a home for countless creatures. When people talk about having a “view” in this area they often mean Mt. Hood. I had that view as a child, but it had a big tree just like ours slicing through the middle of it. Nobody ever cut it down. I was always pretty proud of that. Sometimes the big tree isn’t blocking the view, it is the view.

In 2020, it’s time to see a bigger picture. I plan to find the forest through the trees.

Angie Windheim fir tree logo green web

Writer. Photographer. Future Master Gardener. Artsy miid-life mama planting seeds for the second half.

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