The virtual confetti is floating in the air above, and I have just a few butterflies fluttering in my belly. For many months I have been quietly creating art, preparing a website, and putting all the pieces together to launch a new adventure called Kindness Roots. Today, I am letting it fly!

Kindness Roots is an art-filled card collection designed to help us spread kindness and grow gratitude. One piece of the project I am especially, extra, suuuper excited to share is the Card of the Month subscriptions. I think sending inspiration monthly to check in with gratitude could be a positive tool for so many people. 

Today, I ask you to go explore Let me know what you think! While you are there you can sign up for A Kindness Buzz, a monthly newsletter that will drop inspiration right into your inbox. I plan to share creative ideas for spreading kindness, gratitude card writing tips, the stories behind the art, and more. 

You will see that my camera work is all over the website as a branding photographer and on the cards as a reinvented artist. Kindness Roots has certainly deepened my appreciation for the endless possibilities of photographic art.

I hope you enjoy Kindness Roots!

Writer. Photographer. Future Master Gardener. Artsy miid-life mama planting seeds for the second half.

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