Vegan chili in a bowl with sweet potato chips

vegan recipe: red red wine vegan chili

About 18 years ago I started a Bunco group. It was collection of ladies connected by the town we lived in and the fact that we each had a kid the very same age. It went for potluck, to DIY, to let’s just go out somewhere together. Then COVID hit and it was the first time we’d missed a month in 15+ years.

But we’re back! And we’re back to DIY at our homes. I mean, who wants to go to a restaurant with 12 people anymore. And honestly, we like to be able to move around and catch up and we’re loud.

Last night was my turn to host. Over the last handful of years I’ve challenged myself to cook plant-based or completely vegan for a group. Bonus points if it’s also gluten-free. Why? Well, first I want to accommodate all the diet preferences in one swoop. Second, I’m on a mission to show people that plant-based is super yum. So for the Bunco Babes I served Red Red Wine Vegan Chili.

What’s with the name Red Red Wine Vegan Chili? Well, the ladies each sent me a handful of their favorite songs of all time that I put into a big ol’ playlist on Spotify. One of the songs on the playlist is “Red Red Wine.” And because I wanted the recipe to be gluten-free, I needed to swap out the usual bottle of beer. Guess what works even better? Some red red wine!

Go give the Red Red Wine Vegan Chili a try and don’t forget about the Kindness Roots Recipes board on Pinterest.

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