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Winter in Oregon’s Birdland

February finally brought the freeze to my Willamette Valley home in Oregon. Most of us would rather travel to enjoy the snow on Mt. Hood with skis or snowboards rather than pick up the pieces of broken trees and power lines in our neighborhoods. Still, it is pretty amazing experience to hear the silence and see our backyards in a completely different way.

Birds steal the show for me when the snow falls. They bring the color, they puff up to twice their size, and dazzle me with their music and resilience to the cold. These are not fair weather feathered friends.

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Orange Thrush in winter

The Mendricks Trio – Family Fun Friday

Mendricks, Jurgens Park, Family portraits, Angie Windheim Photography, Sherwood, Oregon
I love having a pre-session “date” with clients at my favorite coffee shop, Sherwood’s Symposium Coffee. We get to chat, get to know each other, make eye contact (without a camera in my face), pick a location, have excellent coffee, and get creative. Meeting Kelly, I knew I had a kindred spirt. She loves capturing her little girl and it was clear that the annual photo session was going to be fun. I mean, seriously, we decided to bring bubbles!

I have some special locations that I love to take families. Places where kids can be kids. Parks with walking trails and fun things like ponds and rivers and tall grasses to play in.  If kids are busy and having a good time, they really don’t worry all that much about me and the camera. The park we used for this photo session is wonderful. I find something new every time I visit. And, it really says something that we could get such interesting backgrounds and scenery in early December. There is eye candy all year round.

Do you know of any great parks or recreation areas near Sherwood, Newberg or Tualatin that offer up interesting textures and nature in the winter? Leave a comment because I LOVE scouting out new locations.

Wishy Washy Weather


Wishy Washy Weather.

A friend of mine claimed the other day that she really didn’t care for wishy washy weather. And, I have to agree.

In Oregon we have hovered at just above the freezing point for most of the winter.

Snow mixed with rain.

Snow that doesn’t stick.

Snow that does not give us even one single day off from school.

And now that we’re just a day away from Spring Break…


I’m not sure the Spring flowers and buds appreciated it, but my kids loved that they finally could build a snow man. And I loved taking pictures of weary Daffodils and cherry blossoms.

It was just a 2-hour delay for school, but we sure made the most of it!




Inspiration. It can come at almost any moment if I’m looking. But sometimes it’s nice to have it shoved my face.

For 2012 I joined the Moms with Cameras Project 52. Each week we get a new theme word or idea. We have 7 days to interpret and create an image that fits. We share our work through a group on Flikr. Anyone (professional or amateur photographers) is welcome to join. The community is very supportive and encouraging.

For week 3 our assignment was “trust.” And, I knew this little hummingbird fit perfectly. He bravely faced the snow and icy winds, trusting that I filled up his feeder and would take care of him through the winter.

I’m thrilled that the Project 52 community enjoyed my image as well. It’s great to get such positive feedback and the leader even included it in her blog’s highlights for the week.


Mother Nature, you are such a tease, girlfriend!

My kids wore their jammies backwards, put spoons under their pillows and did a special snow dance before bed just for you. And, when I peeked outside last night before heading upstairs, the snow was coming down blizzard style and nearly 5 inches had piled up. Yes! Thank you.

But, no!! At 3:30am I awoke to the sound of torrential rain. When does it EVER get warmer over night? Mother Nature, you seriously pulled the rug out from under me this time. Ugh.

My disappointed boys all trudged off to school this morning. Sorry, guys.

I did manage to get some snow pictures yesterday though. Sadly, most of it came down AFTER the boys went to school and was in the process of becoming slush by the time they got home.